Installing Free Mcboot into a PS2 Memory Card with Swap Magic

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Here is the link to the official site to install Free McBoot. Go to the installation tab and click swap magic for the official guide to installing Free Mcboot with swap magic. This method however did not work for me. The swap magic froze booting up the ulaunch. If you also experience this problem or another problem which prevents you from using this method please continue reading for my alternative method of installing free mcboot with swap magic.

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1. Fat ps2
2. usb flash drive with 4 mb free space (maybe need more or less since you can add or take out programs/elf at your own will)
3. swap magic 3.6 or 3.8 (I used 3.6 cd)
4. 1 cd-r or dvd-r (i use cd)
5. (optional but recommended) Common Knowledge on burning and computer (if you are a total newbi, do some research before you try this). I will be as simple and detailed as possible.

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1. Make sure the usb flash drive is in  Fat32 format (if it is not, format the flash drive). Any flash drive will do as long as it is recognized by the computer as a "mass storage device".

2. Download ulaunchelf 4.16 cd, extract it, and burn it out on a cd/dvd (depending on what swap magic you will be using, burn it out the same way you would burn a game out to play).

3. Download the Free McBoot Newbi Package and extract it. (we are using the newbi package because its all set up for us and has all the required stuff you need). It will contant the "free_mcboot.elf" and "install" folder

This freemcboot package comes with: (all the programs are called elfs)
ulaunch  - to manage files and launch ELFs (it is named "boot.elf" in the folder)
esr - to play burn dvd games (if you patched the game before burning it) without having to swap.
Hdloader - run games from an internal HDD (Slim users can not use this)
SMS - its a media player for the ps2
(They are located in the install folder)
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4. (optional) The package comes with everything that you really need. If you wish, you can put in other elfs with it in the install folder. Other elfs you may be interested in are things like skins, snes station elf, swap magic 3.6 dvd or swap magic 3.8 elf. Find these elfs yourself, or if you post these elfs, I will add it to the tutorial. The swap magic elfs are on this site, use the search button  ;). You can also take elfs that you don't want or won't from the install folder if you wish to save room. You can also do other things but they are for advance users, so if you are interested research more and come back to it after you install this. If you install this basic one first, moding it later is extremely simple.

5. Put the "free_mcboot.elf" and "install" folder into your fat32 formatted flashdrive. You will need about 3 MB free (this number is give or take depending on what you put in or take out).

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1. Put in the memory card you want to mod/hack/exploit into the ps2. (make sure you have like 4 Mb free on it, you probably wont use it all, but just to be safe)

2. Load the swap magic (use the one that can boot the disk you burn the ulaunch on) and boot the ulaunch disk.

3. The ulaunch program will first start with a page that says filebrowser and configure.
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4. Put your flash drive into the Ps2.

5. Click File Browser option on the ulaunch.

6. Go down to "Mass:/" and click it.
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7 Go to "free_mcboot.elf" and click it.
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8. You will get the Free Mcboot install screen. It has these options:
Normal install - install Free McBoot but it will only work for your console version.
Multi-Version install - install additional files for other console versions of the same region to work with the same MC.
Launch fmcb - will load the newly installed Free McBoot .
fmcb configurator - Launches the Configurator Application
format mc - then format the card for a better chance of a successful install. (this will erase your Memory Card data, you don't really need to do it)
uninstall multi-version -  reverts a multi-install to normal install.
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9. Choose Normal install or Multi Install (what ever floats your boat)

10. Choose which memory card (first slot or second slot) you wish to install it in.
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11. Wait for installation to finish.
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12. (optional, recommended if you added new elfs to the newbi package)] Launch the fmcb configurator. It is recommended that you configure free mcboot every time you install, add elfs, do stuff to free mcboot. The guide to configure your brand new free mcboot is below.

13. Either reset your ps2 or go click the Launch fmcb option.

14. You will get a menu with your usual ps2 menu options and also the programs you installed into free mcboot below it; Success.

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1. The first screen gives you 2 options to pick what buttons you want to be your "accept" and "cancel" buttons.
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2. The second screen is the menu.
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3. The first 3 options of the configure menu are for cnf files. Cnf files are saved configure options that you have already done yourself. Skip this for now, and come back when you are more advanced.

4. The next three are for Launch E keys. These are for hot keying your programs to your ps2 controller buttons. Skip this too, and come back when you are more advance.

5. Click Configure  OSDSYS Options. To get the OSDSYS option menu. The options it gives you are:
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6. Go to the Second Option: Configure Item #. The items are the programs that appear on list of the ps2 menu. They are below "browser" and "system configure". You have up to 100 items. Item 1 starts right below 'system configure".
The left and right controller buttons will switch between Items.
Clicking an item will bring you to its item menu.

7. Click each item and make sure the name corresponds with its pathway.
example: if it is for name:hdloader, the pathway is mc#/boot/hdloader.elf
It gives you 3 pathway choices for it to use, but you only really need the first pathway.
mc# corrresponds to the slot your memory card is that holds the elf.
MC0 is your first slot, MC1 is your second slot.
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Your elfs should been in the "boot" in the long list.
You can also rearrange how you want the ps2 menu to list your programs.
There is a copy/paste feature using the R and L buttons for your convenience.

When you add new elfs to the memory card, they will not show up on the ps2 menu unless you configure it to.
If you added more elfs to the newbi package free mcboot, then some of the menu pathways maybe mix up. Check the pathway of each number.

8, Go back to the Free Mcboot configure menu and click "save cnf to MC#". Save it to what ever slot the Memory card that has the free mcboot is on.

Here is a Complete Configurator Guide for when you are more advanced

After you finish the original installation, do what you want with Free McBoot. Since ulaunch is now in your memory card, just launch it from there instead of using swap magic to boot the disk. You can add more elfs by using ulaunch to copy and paste elfs from your flashdrive to your memory card (remember to configure a menu slot for the elfs you want to use in the free mcboot configure). Also you can easily install a more advance free mcboot. Just do the same thing with the flash drive and all except have a more advance "install" folder. When you install the free mcboot again in the same memory card, the old data of the free mcboot will just be over written (remember to reconfigure the free mcboot every time you reinstall or screw around with it so that there is no problems).

Here are some useful links if you want to screw around more:
Free McBoot Advanced User Guide

Esr Patcher - If you plan to use esr to play your burnt games; note: patch takes 1 sec, seriously 1 sec, will only work on DVD disks, some games not compatible
Note: I include the latest esr and the patcher as attachments.
Go to here to download all esr versions and patchers versions.
Go to here to learn what direct on, direct off, memory card version of esr is.

Swap Magic 3.8 elf. - Here is swap magic for your memory card. You do need an original disk to refresh the TOC and some method of swapping disks. I have heard of others successfully using swap magic elfs. I never got 3.8 or 3.6 to work for me, if someone does do it successfully, please tell me how.
Swapmagic 3.8

This is how I installed my free mcboot into my memory card.
I learn to installed it using sksapps guide (the pictures are from sksapps free mcboot guide site), and I learn how to boot uluanch with a cd by VersatileNinja on youtube.
I used a Verbatum cd-r for the ulaunch.
I use swap magic 3.6 cd.
My ps2 is fat (SCPH 39001), and I got all the apps for this installation from

AM I able to run nintendo 64 emulators using the MCboot. Im new to the forum please dont eat me!

Quote from: phillips2020 on September 03, 2009, 08:03:30 PM

AM I able to run nintendo 64 emulators using the MCboot. Im new to the forum please dont eat me!

Thanks for the tips, any link or anything to lead us to the elf of this n64 emu?

Quote from: asiandumbass on September 03, 2009, 10:56:19 PM

Quote from: phillips2020 on September 03, 2009, 08:03:30 PM

AM I able to run nintendo 64 emulators using the MCboot. Im new to the forum please dont eat me!

Thanks for the tips, any link or anything to lead us to the elf of this n64 emu?

There isn't any n64 emus for ps2, it sometimes struggles to even emulate snes roms. So if it did exist it would run really slow.

Can I ask, is there a way to get Codebreaker on to the Free McBoot menu - everything worked like a charm from your instructions above but I couldn't configure the codebreaker.elf I got from this site to read properly and save to memory to load with the Free McBoot menu.  Not sure what I'm not doing.  I'm desperately trying to get codes to work with Mana Khemia 1 on my PS2 system.  I have the original game disk.


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